Mask Overhauling -  Watch as artist Nick Mulpagano overhauls

a '78 Halloween mask. Topics covered : Removing hair, prepping surface for paint, painting, weathering , rehairing and more! You'll be amazed at the transformation of this mask,  which was purchased for $60.00 and was auctioned on ebay for over $2,000.00!   Approx 50 mins.- 4GB - 15.99


This video is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD in mpeg 4 format. The video will be sent to you via FILEMAIL. When you pay for the video, a download link  from FILEMAIL will be emailed to the  email address in your paypal invoice within 24 hrs.  You will have 7 days to download and save the file to your pc.  After 7 days, the link will be inactive.  DOWNLOAD TO PC-NOT PHONE

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CHASING HALLOWEEN- a maskumentary following the life of artist Nick Mulpagano, 2 weeks before Halloween. Follow Nick as he works on masks to get out before his Oct. 31 deadline, and also as he celebrates the Halloween season, with pumpkin picking, haunted houses, yard displays and decorating. LOTS OF MASK MAKING HERE TOO! Including updated tips on dying hair,  weathering,  hairing,  using a plastic mold, hair styling and photographing your mask. 2 HD DVD set , approx 2hrs.

USA  19.99

International  24.99

How to make a Monster

2 DVD set

The Art of Weathering- follow artist Nick Mulpagano as he prepares a mask for an extreme weathering. Mask prep, eye cuts , painting , weathering, hairing and few photography tips-they're all here! Approx 1hr 50 mins.

23.00 includes shipping


28.00 includes shipping


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