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NOTE- this is the original promotional description from 2015. LATEST MASK- size undetermined. This mask will be a new sculpt. I'm not going to tell you what it is, but you can bet, your mouth will hang open, your tongue will  swell and hang out, you will drool down your chin and into  your shoes, your jaw will hit the ground and shatter, you will be speechless and make sounds like a dying chipmunk, you will cry like a baby elephant, you'll wish you had on 6 pairs of underwear and you will become absolutely insanely hypnotized by it's awesomeness, that will wish you had never seen it.   

                       MYSTERY MASK

coming soon!

IMG_1726 copy 7.jpg

LATEST MASK REVEALED after more than 5 years ! ''13'' - approx. 25 inches.Yes, the wait is over!  The 13 mask takes 2 of the most popular pictures of this horror icon, and combines them into one unbelievable  mask. Due to overwhelming demand, I decided to sell this mask as I make them on ebay and my Facebook page. contact for info

IMG_1033 copy 7.jpg
IMG_1551 copy.jpg
IMG_1258 copy 2.jpg
IMG_1072 copy_edited-1.jpg
IMG_1422 copy 2.jpg
IMG_1781 copy.jpg
IMG_1106 copy_edited-1.jpg
IMG_1398 copy 2.jpg
IMG_1390 copy.jpg
IMG_1258 copy_edited-1.jpg
IMG_1108 copy.jpg
IMG_1225 copy.jpg
IMG_1267 copy.jpg
IMG_1422 copy 3a_edited-1.jpg
IMG_1636 copy.jpg
IMG_1507 copy.jpg
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