What's the Proto Program?


YOU design your own concept mask using the Halloweenman or NHK as your base.  YOU come up with an idea and let artist Nick Mulpagano, from Handiboy Studios, do all the work. Checkout the COVERMAN mask as an example.


After you pay your enrollment fee, you tell artist Nick M. what your idea is. Then , you and Nick toss around ideas as to what will work and may not work. You can not copy or replicate any one elses previous design.


The making of your proto mask is documented on DVD for you.


You keep the proto.


You decide on a name for your mask.


You decide if you want to keep your mask as one of a kind, or have it go into the Handiboy line of masks for a limited edition of up to 20 masks.


If your mask sells, you get a royalty per mask. Royalty fee and price of your mask is determined my artist Nick M., as to how much work goes into producing your mask.


You have the option to buy the #1 production mask.